Set's Tongue Legendary Daggers

I just noticed that Set’s Tongue now has “Plundering” instead of “Cleansing” listed in it’s description box. Is this intended?

This is in the patch notes, IIRC, because Cleansing was misunderstood too easily. The effect removes buffs from enemies. Personallly I think Plundering does not describe it very well, too…


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I’ve never used them, so I google’d it and the wiki says: Cleansing
Down the notes: cures from all the poisons when equipped.

So the cleansing description WAS right and not misleading, or did the devs change the weapon in the testlive to kill off all the enemy buffs instead of character poison removal?

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This is what it says in the patchnotes:

Weapons that remove attribute buffs from enemies are now keyworded as “Plundering”, since “Cleansing” was too confusing.

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