Settings are not working

I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with their settings not working, I set my crafting speed at max and it didn’t do any good, the slider is all the way to the right but the speed never changed, I’m finding that the sliders don’t work on anything in the settings menu. It doesn’t seem to matter if I try to run a custom game or a pre-set game, regardless of where I set my sliders nothing changes.

Got the same problem here

Thanks, at least I know its not just me.

ut, if what you are trying to do is speed things up, you are going the wrong direction. The slider needs to be all the way to the right for it to take the longest. Left for shortest. Also, if you are making these changes, make sure to shut down your server then go to more options. Make the changes you want, save them, then restart the server.

you can not change server settings unless your in-game and have admin privileges (which I have since I play single player) , and all my settings are pre- set at 1.0 as of the update, If I change them it reverts back to 1.0 when I exit the settings menu, 1.0 means it takes the longest amount of time to craft, none of the changes save when exiting the settings menu. The Admin menu works fine, its just the settings menu that doesn’t work. Before the update I could adjust all the settings and it worked just fine. I think what your describing is maybe in a multiplayer game or co-op, I play single player, I don’t log in to any specific server, I just start the game and click continue under the single player option.

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