How do servers get the crafting speed faster than single player?

I’ve put the slider for crafting speed all the way to 0.1 in my single player game and its still not as fast as some of the servers i’ve played on.

Is there an .ini config file they change or something? I wouldn’t mind putting that speed in my single player. Even with the slider at 0.1 im still waiting forever to make big castles (iron and steel, reinforcements to be specific). Any information or help would be greatly appreciated please and thank you!

I think if 0.1 is minimal value you can set in-game, anything lower (like 0.001 entered directly in *.ini file) then that will stil be upped to 0.1.

Then how are servers i’ve played on getting their crafting times so much faster then? I mean almost instant in some i’ve played on. I want to do that in single player. As i already know its NOT the slider.

We had this issue as well. It looks like any items already in a crafting queue will remain at the previous crafting speed setting. So after you change the setting to increase crafting speed you will need to remove the items from the crafting station that are in queue and then put them back in.