I rented a server - need help with crafting

I don’t know what I did but crafting is super slow. I put in a named blacksmith on a wheel with a t2 taskmaster at 8PM last night and just checked it at (;30 AM and it was only a 1/4th done.

Also, everything I left is still cooking - ingots into steel, stone into hardened brick, reinforcements - everything

I’m using t1-t2 thralls so I know that isn’t good but they are in top level crafting stations so I think I screwed up the settings for the server.


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stop server
delete seversettings.ini
start server
The server will start with default settings, which you then are able to modify again.
In my experience, the settings you change ingame always reset after server restart. so you will have to modify them on server in the .ini. Always do changes in ftp mode or at least while server is stopped. It won’t be saved otherwise.

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If you go to the official wiki they have a pretty good guide on how to set up your server settings to your personal tastes (this works for solo/offline play as well). There are tabs for each category and in each category there are listings for each of the settings available with explanations of them and examples of what the various numbers do and their effects. One of the biggest mistakes people make who do not understand the way that Funcom set it up is to raise the number thinking that this will increase the crafting speed when in fact it actually will slow it down. I do not know if this is the case for you personally, but it may very well have had an effect even if you raised it only slightly.

Thank you! I did do the bigger number I thought meant quicker. So I changed it according to the wiki (thanks again) and now what do i do?

Just save the game and it works?

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I think you just do what @Talyna said up there :point_up_2: but I have never rented a server myself so I cannot say for sure.


On Playstation server’s some of the ingame settings do stick but not every time. Gportal settings can be counterintuitive less is generally faster. Crafting thralls cooking ect. Don’t know that you are using Gportal just my experience since game hit Playstation. Good luck Exile @gamedan

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if you are on a G-portal server: go to settings once you are online then name yourself administrator and then go to the “craft” line, you could then change the values ​​manually.

I administer two Dawn-Server, so it might be slightly different paths. But you save the .ini and restart the server (I always do an “update mods” for this). So yes… :slight_smile:

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