A Few issues I've noticed with the G-Portal Server Settings! -- PS4

Well I’ve seen quite a few post’s on here about issues and server settings. I haven’t seen a lot of post’s about a specific issue I’m having so I figured I’d post about it. Sorry if there is already a topic about this out there somewhere. I didn’t find it on my own.

Anyways, a lot of the server settings on G-Portal are pretty confusing with the descriptions and even inaccurate in some cases. For example: the “Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier”'s description reads “Sets the speed of crafting done by Thralls” and yet that is inaccurate as that specific multiplier affects how fast thralls are converted. There are quite a few more like this. I really feel this should get a little more attention.

Also, there is a bug with the “Crafting Cost Multiplier” setting. No matter if I set the value to .1 or 100 the Crafting Cost for EVERY recipe is still default. Hopefully this will get a quick patch and some of these settings cleared up a little better so that, for us simpletons, we can understand the settings a little more easily and accurately.


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