Server not saving settings (multipliers values)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Germany]

[So there’s been a few days since the server I’m admin at is having this issue. It is hosted by GPortal, by the way. Once I set the Crafting time and Thrall conversion time to be instant/semi-instant (so in GPortal I’ll set the values to 0, in the in-game server panel, the crafting time can be only set to the minimum of 0.1 (might be 3-4 seconds), and restart the server, the multiplier values work as intended, players can craft/convert basically instantly. Though, after some time, both item crafting and thrall conversion will slow down, making the multipliers values I set having no effect. Only restarting the server will solve it temporarly. Also, in the in-game server panel, the Player Idle Thirst and Hunger multipliers values I set are not being saved, as I set them to 0.5 but once applying the settings, they get back to 1 (default value). Is this a game bug or a server hosting bug?]