Item conversion multiplier, what this?

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I was not able to find out what this server setting does? and what happens if you decrees it to 0.5?

It is rough when there are no got info about server settings and the description dose not make sense.

Hey @FightzGamer I would refer you to the wiki as you will probably have more questions about other settings. Here is the link to the info you’re looking for.


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Just an fyi. If you think the above reply resolves this thread, you may click on image show more and then :white_check_mark: Resolve.

Otherwise, please let them know what you don’t understand. :wink:

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Thanks for the link. I was wondering what some settings meant. Especially those about NPC damages, how much they deal and how much they take. I wasn’t sure if it affected only NPCs or NPCs and creatures and if Thralls and Pets were considered NPCs. There isn’t any settings for Minions on PS4 solo / coop game, only sttings for Players and settings for NPCs. SO, I guess I can’t make my thralls and pets do more damages and take less like for my character.
It looks like there’s less sliders in each settings tab for PS4 than for PC.

Oh, it’s hidden under crafting. I see…

It’s strange that both ItemConvertionMultiplier and ThrallCraftingTimeMultiplier has an impact on Thrall taming ^^ I was wondering what was going on!

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