Possible Bug: Thrall Crafting Speed Modifier Not Working

Game mode: Single-player/Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

In the Admin settings, “thrall crafting time multiplier” doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve set it to all kinds of settings from .01 to 10.00 and there appears to be no difference. I’ve started and stopped the “burn” each time I’ve tested it, as well as shutting the server (my own game) down and starting it back up.

For comparison, I changed the fuel burn rate multiplier, which, when I rebooted the game, did work as intended. So that multiplier works for me but the thrall one doesn’t.

If I remember right from my own experience with this, only newly captured thralls use the altered setting. Any thralls already cooking on the wheel will continue to use whatever the setting was at when you put them there.


Do you use some mods in your current game ?

I tested it lot, and the thrall-multiplier worked still well for me in singleplayer.
Still working nicely with my complet actual modlist to.
I can set it to 0.01, and it’s very fast for exemple. And of course, default will be way longer.

Make sure no one of your mods is causing this.


Ah dammit, yeah. It’s because I didn’t initially capture them using the new multipliers. Sigh, that means this named NPC is going to take 26 in-game hours to train. I guess I could just leave my game running over night. Thanks for the info. Hope they can fix that to let it refresh instantly.

And no, no mods at all.


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