Crafting settings still Broken

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Crafting settings still broken, converting 1 thralls takes 3 days, change settings but speed doesn’t change

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.put thrall in wheel of pain arrow button (speed set at fast conversion time)
3.Nothing happens stop and click arrow again, nothing happens

Do you have food for the thrall gruel cooked meats fish or anything else and also did you change food source and not restart it?

yes there is plenty of food, its been like this since the update

the common question they will ask is this official server or private and does it have mods if its private

ahh yes, sorry forgot to add that, single player, offline, all mods disabled after update because of the problems

BigSarg, I won’t salute since I know you work for a living :wink: , but could you post a pic of your interface as it is now? Similar to below. If you do not have upload privileges, @Ignasi can help with that.

We are looking for anything that deviates from the norm.



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thanks, well it looks just like the one you posted except the thrall shows up in the crafting queue but the conversion bar under the icon never moves to show the extent of the conversion, no matter what food I have in the inventory, its actually the same with all my crafting benches as well. I’ll contact Ignasis for help with the pic of my interface.

Hey @BigSarg

You can post the screenshot with some spaces in its URL and we can edit it to show correctly. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

My experience:
If you change any settings after you have placed the thrall on the wheel, the changes will not have any effect.
Any change you did will be active for the next thrall.

Sorry this may seem really stupid, but I’ve never taken a screen shot so I don’t know how to do it.

F12 to take a screenshot and then upload it by using some free site such as or use some program for taking screenshots such as gyazo.

Narelle is right, as usual. The only thing that may happen is if you have changed the shortcut key. This pic shows where that is done.

Those screenshots can be found in a folder similar to this …
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\randomnumber\760\remote\randomnumber\screenshots”
The numbers are random, but connected to your Steam account.

Given sufficient privileges on this board (@Ignasi may be able to help there) you can upload using the ‘picture’ button above, or just drag and drop.

If you use an external site, to link it here, just add a space in the URL to bypass new user restrictions and someone can convert it for you.

And the question is far from stupid, all of us had to learn it !



here is the screenshot of my wheel of pain, thrall is not converting

here is the URL to the one for the crafting benches, the resource requirements seem to have doubled. It won’t let me post another screenshot for some reason.

Thank-you Narelle and Jim1, for explaining how to do a screenshot !!

Hey @BigSarg

Thanks for the screenshot. Sorry if you answered this before but, are you playing in single player?
If so, there was an issue with the anniversary patch that reverted server settings (also affecting single player), which could explain why all of a sudden all of these issues with crafting are arising in your game.

Yes I am playing in single player. Is this something they are still working on then?

It is fixed now, so you should tweak the settings back to your favorite selection as it won’t revert back. You can do so by going to settings -> Server Settings -> General - Make Me Admin. Then from then on you can tweak any setting to your liking. In this case in particular you’d find anything related to crafting in the Crafting tab.

Good pic, BigSarg, and I see nothing out of the ordinary. In addition to Ignasis’s recommendations, I have some bad news for you, sorry.

I have gone through a similar experience with server settings and found the only way to resume normal crafting is to delete the current craft and start a new one. I screwed up the settings and reverted them, but played around on thralls I had no intention of keeping.

Please let us know the current crafting settings and what you changed them to. It may help others and will certainly help me :slight_smile:



I’m not sure what you mean buy “it’s fixed now” , because nothing has changed, changing the settings doesn’t do anything the speed never changes, the sliders stay were I put them but nothing changes and the resource requirements for crafting armor and weapons is 7 times what they should be, I can’t see it taking 7 Heavy Chest padding, 225 iron bars and 75 leather to make 1 Black Dragon Cuirass or 37 branches and 150 iron bars to make 1 iron skinning knife