Server setting "Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier" needs a new tooltip

The tooltip says it “multiplies the speed” of crafting time, which is confusingly worded enough that there have been passionate flame wars about this setting and how it works. Please clarify to clearly state that “Lower is Faster” and “Higher is Slower.” (Same for Animal Pen crafting time tooltip, if that setting starts working again.)


That is the way it is on ps4 don’t know about other units. Alot the settings are counter intuitive mostly on gportal site @loroku

It is like that because it is a multiplier.

Every thing was running smoothly this weekend

I sent pm to Hugo before and one to …I forget about some of menus. As many of slider do not work decently on ps4.

Same as Ark really… or any PC game ported to Consoles that have these sliders…
None of them can make them look good or explain them ever in a way to make it simple, LOL

Last I checked, Wiki page had some tool tips label for each one.

Few of them are abit tricky… some of them wont show result till log out and back in. (or end the item thats being made and restart it)

Pen Multi was kinda frustrating. You figure higher value would increase it… but just extend it by the %.
So instead 0.500 is actually half time. (about 6 to 12 hour give or take tame) About 10mins for food eating (like rocknoses eating stone and turning into iron etc) (which is same as Thralls Pen setting)

Be nice if slider did 0.100 Instead of 0.500

Fuel burn, higher, longer it last.

Never messed with Crafting time setting for items… none of them outside voodoo stuff take that long. (and tree foundation)

You’ll need click [show] next to [hide] button to see them.

Several tabs to click thru to get main idea of what sliders do what. =3

The tooltip might be a bit confusing, but the settings itsself are simple. If the setting is talking about (crafting-) time, lower is gonna be faster. Lower time --> finished quicker. If the setting talks about (crafting-) speed, higher is faster. Higher speed --> less time needed to finish it

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@loroku I took some screen shots of my server settings this morning thralls are insta cook are adjusted with animal pen.

my server is a playground.

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