Animal pen crafting time multiplier (server setting)

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Confusion
Server type: Probably all
Region: Probably all

So, I’m confused, not an abnormal situation, but still …

Under Settings/Server Settings/Pet and Hunger there is a slider that goes from 0.001 to 10.

The title is
Animal pen crafting time multiplier

Hovering produces the tooltip
Multiplies the speed of crafting in animal pens

They seem to conflict; is the speed or the time multiplied by the setting?

If 0.001 is the fastest, it seems the title is correct (my experience, SP local PC)
If 0.001 is the slowest, it seems the tooltip is correct

Which is it?

By the way, under Abandonment, the tooltip is clear and concise and a new user will definitely understand what happens when the slider is moved.

Unfortunately, under Crafting, the above contradiction is also present with Thrall Crafting Time Multiplier, but not with Fuel Burn Time Multiplier.

I enjoy ‘figgerin thangs out’, but not when administrating a server which may impact a number of people.

Thanks for game


0.001 is the fastest

wrong or correct, you chose, you can do this with most tooltips. It’s mostly test and trials for me. The tooltips are confusing, so are the titles.

Interface for settings could be more intuitive i think.

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I have a gportal server Ps4. @Vattende is correct lower number faster thralls and pets faster crafting also. Higher numbers fuel lasts forever. Went thru trial and error my self. Purge went crazy after update I got help on forum. E
Was suggestion to use 10,000 multiplier just incase you run into that Good luck

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I’m a happy pc-player, so no clue about console settings.
And all sliders don’t act the same. Some time raising is more, or faster, sometimes not. So fuel and crafting-time are two different things.

Yes, your right, sestus2009, the purge may get crazy depending how you set them. I made test in singleplayer, because purge wasn’t working for all, so i pushed the settings, and lowered lot the requirement (actions needed), also altered other settings. Had 5-6 purges in few time, and my new test-character had a very harsh time. Must admit i was kinda tired my tests over this day. :rofl:


You’re right about that. Have a great day
.Glad PC players are out there front line for us console players


We try :slight_smile:

@Ignasis is this worth noting on Trello?

Hey there,

It seems a minor UI issue. The tooltip should be clearer and state the functionality better than it does right now. We’ve sent note to our team so they can iron that out :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.

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