How to change settings for my pet and thralls to be tame faster

I am playing Isle of siptah and I can’t find the place where I can change the setting to change how fast they are tame. I am playing single player. tks guys

I want to say the setting is called “Thrall Crafting Multiplier” or something like that. You want to lower that value as it is an actual multiplier. Example: 2 would take twice as long. I could be wrong though, it’s been a while since I had to mess with server settings.

Edit: Pets may have a separate setting? I’m not sure if it works the same way. I would guess it does though.

Yes, pets have a separate setting. I don’t remember what it’s called though.

You do want to reduce the number. A setting of 5 would make it take five times as long, but a setting of .5 will make it take half as long.

Also be aware that after you make the change, the new settings will not apply to thralls and pets that are already cooking. They will continue training at the same rate as before. The new setting will only apply to thralls and pets placed in the wheel or animal pen after the change was made.

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Tks guys. So Thrall crafting multiplier goes down not up. lol I pushed up instead of down. hehe

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