Sexual Harassment in Conan Exiles

As my account was set to private but still shown on battlemetrics, this wont help with that certain thing.

Eh, then I guess I got the wrong idea.
To me it sounded like everyone (regardless of gender) is supposed to act like men do.
By only reading that, the sole thing which gets stuck in my head is that the male gender is still supposed to be the strong one, which is the root of why I prefer speaking of individual human beings instead of some specific gender.
It’s the same way someone made me angry by calling people usable or unusable. (I know, direct translation is bad, but…) The context was about a female being being (un)usable for men.
Wow! That’s creepy. I am no tool to discard once too old or else but a human being. Thats all I want to be. I just want to be respected as a human being. I dont want to be told that I should act like a man or be more feminine because I dislike both. (May sound weird?) I am nothing but myself.
As I said before, maybe I am too naive or ignorant.

Am I being ignored?

Charm the best weapon.

Oh no the helpless princess line works well.

It’s a death trap.

The princess is really a deadly assassin.

Her allies are raiding your base or spying on your team. Preparing for an attack.

@Cookie do you have a mic? Most males won’t attack female players with mics. Be nice and use manners. Use charm to turn clansmates against another. If you play the cards right you can get an aplha or top dog clan to defend you. When half the server on your side. You are powerful.

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