Sexy/Skimpy Armors, PVE/Casual PVP, 3Xharvest, More T4Thralls, Savage Lands No Buildings DMG

I welcome all to server using this mod:

Sexy/Skimpy Armors, PVE/Casual PVP, 3Xharvest, More T4Thralls, Savage Lands No Buildings DMG

If you looking for a new server with some sexy armors, little higher gathering rate, medium increase of T4 Thralls, and some relaxed PVP (no building damage) and PVE, welcome on this server.

server address -

You can PVE an PVP – (just do not kill on sight low level players…) Destroying buildings is disabled – because in the long run it ruins the fun (unless you have extreme amount of time). This is intended to be more casual server.

Please do not land claim, or destroy resources with concrete blocks.

So have fun as you like it.
Everyone is welcome!
Settings like official except:
3 x gathering
0,5 Thrall converting time (who wants to wait 10 hours for T4???)
0,5 hungry and thirsty

All Mods with short explanation listed below:

Savage Wilds – new map!

High Heels system – self explanatory

Conspirator Armor - cool armor (skyrim inspired)

Akuba’s Salon – More hair options

Sexy Silent Legion Armor - cool armor

RA: Character customization – more customizing for your character (can be done durig the game – so if you are bored with your char look you can change it).

PermPaint - Body paint last till you die - so now It is more worth to be used.

Tier 4 Thralls - Medium Increased Spawn - v5.6.3 - are you tired of endless grinding T4 Thralls? I bet you are as I am, 10-20% chance - still not granted but you will not be praying to RNG Gods any longer :wink:

Accessory wardrobe – additional clothes to pimp up your char,

Northern Timber – cool looking building types

Shameless & Shy M&F – more variety of NPC clothing

Glass constructions and more – more buildings types

Barbarian Barber – more hair types for your char

Immersive armour – cool looking armors

Weaty’s Armor pack – more armors

Exposed Armor standalone – additional skimpified armors from the game (less is more, remember;) (you can still wear original)

100 Level no attribute - are you tired of endlesly changing perks even after reaching 60 level? now you can earn much more of them (attributes and legendary chests stays the same so no OP)

So once again I welcome all who are looking for that kind of a server. See you ingame.

server adress -

If you do have any question do not hesitate to ask me here on in game.

You dont have this one

MOD: Grim Productions