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A few small rooms, yeah. Definitely tomb sized because of structure requirements. Most of the pyramid is sheer filled pieces. Approx 15k foundations? There’s a maproom connected on all 4 sides by corridors then a single room on each corner containing a 3rd tier altar for the light.


Looks epic. I built a 21 X 21 pyramid for myself in single player and had lots of trouble with structural stability, particularly because of the map room inside. Looking at your screenshots it seems you were able to place pillars in the middle of the map room. Unaesthetic though it may be, it really helps. You say your server is unmodded - does the map room actually allow you to place pillars through it? And why didn’t I know about it several months ago?

(I may post a little video to show my pyramid once the interior is finished. Mine may not be as big or as durable as yours, but it has secret tunnels!)

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You guys and girls are an incredibly talented bunch. It’s amazing to see all these creations. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I am so very much waiting for the upcoming patch. Going to go hog-wild on harvesting and probably redo it a bit. Had to make some sacrifices that… didn’t really work out in the end >.<

looks pretty cool from this angle though…


As promised in another thread:

This is nowhere near the creativity and time spent and is really not comparable to any of the builds shared in here. I am building small things and then take them apart again, mostly for testing or for screenshot reasons. I generally don’t build big and look for new ways to incorporate planters and small deco things. :slight_smile:



Hey, this isn’t a competition. Each of us has a unique vision of the game that can serve as inspiration for others. Big or small, it’s the beauty in the way we find to express ourselves that matters.

What you’ve done here is pretty close to what I’ve been designing as the next addition to my town (erm, it may be a brothel, but never mind that), with your use of pillars and awnings and other elements I haven’t used very much yet, so it’s great to see how those elements work in practice before I start pouring in valuable resources. (I tried to make a small pyramid for my Set temple last weekend and had to tear down either the pyramid or the temple three times before the building blocks stopped arguing about overlapping…)

Err, yeah, I’ll post some screenshots. Soon™.


The base itself isn’t very fancy. Just experimenting with minimal floorspace and testing how well archers can shoot over my new gates.


Hello!! Love seeing everyone’s great work. Thought I’d share the base I’m most proud of so far, my Jungle Tree House =)

Server: #1520-PvE Official
Location: Just North of Upper Staging Area near the Northern Jungle Obelisk (8.5-K)

Come visit our friendly server some time!! Enjoy ^______^



Hello All, this is Indyra on server #1520 - PvE Official, with a few shots of my jungle pagoda. I’m between the demon spider queen and Bucaneer’s Bay, on the islands in square O-7. Feel free to visit anytime, just beware the thralls and animals, as they are a bit jumpy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Started making a city to get a handle on things like footprint size and the feelings of scale relative to the game world for my own game project. It’s only about half done for the structures so all I have is an overview shot. Nothing for down on the ground yet as I’d rather it complete and decorated for such things.



Hello, This is my WIP on Server #1520 - PvE Official.
Feel free to visit we are very friendly on #1520.
Character : Lorelei AKA Lore

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Nice bases all over :smiley:

Here is mine:

It’s just bare bones, I am not through with decorations yet :wink:


Some little, trying-to-be-artistic, teasers from the city I’ve been building near Sepermeru (and which is still not ready because I’m playing solo, with 1x harvest multiplier, and no admin-spawned items, probably because I’m stupid or something…):

Shrine to Mitra. The priest is sitting in a cupboard in my base near the Black Galleon because I forgot him there.

Temple of Set as seen from my bazaar.

Madame Esmeralda’s Love Potions… How much are you willing to pay for my Love Potion Number 9? (Poor lady is overworked with making steelfire and stone consolidant, no-one’s actually buying her love potions.)

Hmm, I wonder what this place is then…? Featuring the protagonist of my story, the orphan thief from Zamora, Kat.


A couple more shots from the town:

The Scarlet Citadel (tribute to a Robert E. Howard novella of the same name), an… entertainment establishment.

A view from the inside. This is the main lounge. Upstairs there are four private rooms with double beds, cupboards, lots of pillows etc. The employees are T3 fighters and archers from Sepermeru, so woe betide the Purge that manages to get through my walls.

And speaking of walls…
A view of my town from the cliffs to the north. The district on the bottom left is the craftsman district; the buildings in the middle are a tavern and the brothel, you can see the temples of Set and Mitra towards the right, and furthest away on the top of the picture is the school where promising young recruits are learning the ropes. And chains. And other restraining methods. There’s a bazaar between the temples (more T3 fighters and archers playing shopkeeper). Blocked from view by the cliff on which I’m standing there’s the West Gate guardhouse and the Colonial Armory. Right next to the South Gate, behind the school, there’s a caravanserai, or camel parking spot (you can see the empty spot where it now is in the earlier post).

There’s still some unused real estate within the walls where I’m planning to raise some residential buildings so the merchants don’t need to sleep in their tents, and the ledge leading left in the picture will eventually house a holy site to Jhebbal Sag, a safe distance from the civilized folk.

So much work to do…


These are super cool!

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City just keeps getting bigger.


EDIT: I forgot I had a ground-level screen


now i have seen evrything

hahaha, omg that is such a cool idea :laughing:

I absolutely love the spot you built on. It’s so fitting for these type of layout and structures :slight_smile:


A new addition to my city today:

Thutmekri the Dramatist has his own theater stage now. Poor fellow is performing for an empty crowd; I guess most people in my town have better things to do than watch a dancing shirtless bald guy in lederhosen… Now, if only he could play some Manowar…

Also built and furnished two residential houses with a total of five small apartments and enough beds for twelve. I should now have enough living space for almost everyone in my town. I think I’ll build an expansion to the tavern next, it’s a bit crowded inside.