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Small functional town:

More coming, still working on the interiors.
Live on Official PvE-C 6456


That looks beautiful, mate. Great work!



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Progression, now with some interiors

More Exterior


The forge

The Armoury


Alchemist and entrance to upper level

The Kitchen

Living and sleeping area’s

Basement system, each building is conneted by basement and storage “underground”


That’s so cool, I wondered if the nemedian and yamatai would go well together and they do!

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NGL, after updates to rules about bases I’m quite scared about getting wiped (built on official over the course of a year)


My previous base was bug-wiped. I logged on to find it gone! Only a few torches, fish traps, and my thralls remained. I had close to 100 “Large Chests” sorted and stuffed full. LOL The server logs say I didn’t log in between 3-7-22 and 3-14-22 but my computer logs show I did in fact log in on 3-10-22 and played for nearly half an hour, so there is some bug happening somewhere. Either that or the server was hacked by some guy named ROAMING.

This is just a video of the old location (now gone) and a ride-to / walk-through of the new location. The new base took a little over 4 hours to build from scratch. From harvest to mansion. I still need to flesh it out and arrange things but this is it in it’s just-finished state. So if anyone is wondering about how long it takes for a lvl 60 character to recover from a total wipe… it’s about 4 hours (+/- alpha). :slight_smile:

I’ll probably grow or change it in the near future as I’m not very satisfied with my attempt - but I guess not terrible for 4 hours. Oh, and I should mention that the worker thralls were on borrow from a friend who was on-line. I suppose without that loan and the respec potion he gave me, it would have taken 6 or 8 hours all total. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wouldn’t a server hiccup where it reset on one day possibly cause that?

Could be. I have no idea. But logged-on on the 10’th and base is gone on the 14th. Server Event Log claims my last log-on previous to the 14Th was on the 7th - which is provably wrong. :slight_smile: I’m fine tho as I’m not the type to be coveting virtual possessions. So, no problem. I suppose I should report it tho.?. Some people (at least on these forums) have a real emotional attachment to their virtual stuff - so if this is an exploit by admin or player or a bug then I guess it should be reported. I’m kinda lazy about that sort of thing tho… :grin:


I normally don’t post stuff on these types of threads since I’m a stealth builder but particularly proud of this one. Modified ceiling stack with planters underneath hay stable ceilings.


More, please.

I wonder where are the walls or the entrance…good camo!

When it is found (when not if…they are always found…stupid foundation sweeping) I’ll put more of it up but anymore would be a sure giveaway of where it is.

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How much of a gap is there between the top ceiling and the ceiling supporting the planters? And are they normal planters or decorative ones?

It’s about 3-5 levels going down…about to a standard character’s knees. I just used a crude planter as my guide on how low was low enough. And great question about the planters because it matters.

For some silly reason, regular plant matter brush doesn’t have a decorative planter associated with it so if you want general wheat looking plants that match perfect with the environment, you HAVE to go with regular planters.
Now the other plant type I use is false mandrake. The decorative planter type are small little bushes that you can break up the constant brush with and the regular planter type is the one that gives you large bush near tree size with tons of foilage to cover stuff with. These are the ones I use to cover entrances and vertical walls.
Most of the others I typically don’t use because they are 1)rare and draw attention to your build or 2) so obnxiously different in color of the surroundings it draws attention to your build [I’m looking at you hops…pos plant don’t care if smskcntr favors you…freaking bright green neon sign saying "erjoh clearance sale. all items must go’.] But hops does great in breaking up the false mandrake but use them very sparingly…for that fleck of color.

Now the big thing with using real planters is that they are functional storage as well so just remember others are playing and don’t get too nutty with them since they tie up processing memory and you still need storage at your base.


Dude, that’s amazing. I love your idea and how much you’ve thought it out. 10/10 man, 10/10


Wish I could take all the credit but smskcntr gave me the inspiration on using planters and the hay stables as camoflage. I just toyota’d the F out of it once i realized the plant graphic ignores building pieces. It’s still not right because of the sound…if I can figure out how to either muffle the wood step sound from walking on the ceiling tiles to something like you get with other types (like arena) or a rug that can be equal in the ability to blend into terrain…


Same base but another smskcntr idea. Layer you foundations to create level spot for your chests. Also in the pic is another space saver. Your improved armorer bench can fit snuggly into your improved tannery (EZYB inspired)


Is this an undermase base?

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Ty too, keep it going, thank God you are really intelligent :+1:t6:.
@anon83039162 thank you too, this is the very first time I ever read someone’s profile.