"She" and "his" detective



In the mission text for “City of Fallen Angels” the LAPD detective is refered to with both “she” and “his.”

Can I vote for keeping she? Just because there are a lot of male LAPD detectives in fiction but not all that many female ones, and I like imaging the detective as a Kate Lockley kind of character.

If you do go with keeping his then can we go for a James Carter vibe?


Until further notice, I will believe the Detective is genderfluid, or otherwise genderqueer and prefers to have folks alternate between pronouns. *hugs mission text*

Elsewise, go go lady Detective!


Did the alternating pronoun thing for an NPC in one of my tabletop games once… not sure if it was more confusing for my players or for me. Did seem to get the ambiguity/oddity of the character across at least.

Female detective sounds good to me too as long as the name Charlie doesn’t show up anywhere.


Or however you self identify.