Female Named "Sorcerer"?

This might be just a grammatical issue. For a named female of the new “Sorcerer” class, shouldn’t she be entitled “Sorceress”?

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There’s been a trend to remove the extra female gendered type names. So Athena is a God, not a Goddess, etc.

There is some interesting logic and though in that itself, IMO.

To get pedantic,

The word sorcerer has it’s origins in latin and old french. While sorcerer works as the masculine form, it can also be the neuter of the term, leaving it as a gender neutral term when used


Yeah. I see this horrible and criminal development every day. It’s because those people who are supposed to care for the language are either incompentent, lazy or both - going for popular and uneducated ignorant grammar and use of words.
Imo, this development really has to stop.

And exactly how did you get from point A to point Z in less than 1 second flat here? You really need to lay off of the conspiracies.

I think it has more to do with the datatable that spawns her. They probably all spawn from something like RelicHunterSorcerer_Random and so the type is all the same. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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