Placed Female Human Thralls have Male walking animations in Single Player

I’ve posted a similar report on September 2nd close to when the Age of Sorcery was first released. I wasn’t very specific back then and the report was capable of easily being misunderstood. I’ve tried looking up other details and media about this bug and I find it quite disturbing that I’m the only one who seems to notice this bug while others seem not to.

Any female human thralls placed on the land haves a male stance, a male walking animation and a male jogging animation. Even when female walking animations are correct, they are still shown to have a male walking and jogging animation while wielding a tool or a one-handed weapon. (This is shown with the female player as well). The bug only corrects itself by leaving the session and re-entering but newly placed female human thralls will still have male animations. The sprinting animations are fine.

This is just a bug that really detracts from the beauty and elegancy of the female figure in Conan Exiles if you want to enjoy it alone.


I thought I was seeing things :smile:. I’m glad you brought this to attention.

Have you tried running your game in Single Player and placing a female human thrall to see for yourself?
Before the Age of Sorcery, they walked fine.

There are different animations for male and female in many games. Here it’s no exception.
Men and women tend to move diferently because of anatominal diferences, culture, etc. Developers were careful enough to make the game reflect those diferences and we appreciate them for that.
Your comment is rude, offensive and completely misplaced. It seems the one lost in some sort of fantasy would be you.

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Yeah, I’ve been playing in single player the last couple of days and just noticed this.

There was heaps of threads and talk about this after 3.0 but we were told it was intentional that all female animation was replaced with male.

What?? Why?

We all just assumed lazy development so they didn’t have to make the extra animations for different sexes.

We all demanded our female animation’s back but every thread and forum got closed because of woke fighting.

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Woke fighting? Men and women move differently. That’s a fact. There’s nothing to fight about.
The animations were already in the game. I don’t see what was there to develop since it was already implemented. If Funcom starts caving to the “woke” they better shut down the game all together as I can’t think of a game less “woke” than Conan! Female animations are the least of their concerns! :rofl:

I don’t believe Funcom is going woke its just any topic that talks about the differents between male and female let it be clothes or animations attracts the woke crowd and war breaks outs so the mods have to close them.

Kinda like instagram or Facebook

That’s probably why you couldn’t find many post.

We can’t give up. Let’s keep asking them back then!

I though it was a bug. The “woke crowd”, whatever that might mean, can go efe themselves, for all I care. I want my females moving like females! Leave politics out of gaming! I knew there was something strange in the way they moved, like with the hips still, completely unnatural. Now I know what it is.

It could still be a bug it’s just people stop caring because there was other big problems aswell at the time and most topics on it got removed by mods cause of arguments.

Yes, it’s not game breaking. :laughing:
That said, it’s important. Let’s keep it alive.

Yea “Give us back our female run Funcom”

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And now that I noticed it, I can’t unsee it! :smile:

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. We will reach out to you in private to request more information.

Please check your forum notifications for our direct message.

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