New female Runstop-Animation is horrific

Dear Team:

The new female animation is impossible, downright horrific. Can you make these more feminine PLEASE?
I think, the Animation lacks any feminity and the Runstop is clumsy and jerky! Not only it looks bad, especially in RP it is terrible. Please, please, please Change it.

What do the other Players think about it?


hard to say since game is more or less unplayable since the patch… will see in a couple of days I guess, when funcom does a quickfix.

The male run stop is just as bad. It’s irritating and headache inducing. And let’s not forget about the constant thralls hacking up a lung. This has got to be a troll update.

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It’s horrific for males too.

I like the animation if it´s after sprinting thou. Otherwise no!

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There’s already the bug they ninja-introduced recently, when your character stutters after picking something up while moving. This new animation thing is horrible, too.

I seriously have no idea how these things get approved.

I hadn’t noticed it until I saw this. I was too busy being annoyed by my character sounding like a bored coed with a chest cold. yawn hack hack hack
But I went back and looked. WTF? I liked how my character moved and now, it’s awful.

Hmm… So it’s ok for friends on discord to yawn and cough all day, but thralls need to be Westworld hosts?

Makes sense. It is annoying; but these are the sounds humans make.
ARK players are very use to these sort of noise collages and build their bases around this. There are such things like Dino garages, or in the case of thralls… Barracks.


Hey there,

We’re listening to feedback and our team is looking at ways to improve this animation.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Dancers (who are most of the time dancing) and working thralls, who are working, should not make so much noises as guarding thralls… They stand just boring around. Where as the others are working at their stations or dancing…

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