Can female characters please get a feminine run back?

I’ve been playing since launch… I liked the old run animation. Now my character runs like a linebacker. She holds her shoulders out like a hulking manly man while sprinting or holding a weapon or tool. It kills my immersion and I want my character to continue looking female when running. Women don’t suddenly look masculine when running, Funcom!

Any chance we could have an improvement to this? It might be small to lots of people, but considering 99% of my gameplay is running around harvesting, it’s disorienting watching her charge about like a football player when she used to look pretty and feminine. :frowning:


You know, I would actually put this in as a bug. There was no mention of the female movement being changed… perhaps it was unintentional. The prior female movement looked quite deliberate. Perhaps something broke when they changed the over encumbered swim animation.


I was actually coming here to make this exact post. Reading this little blurb from the patch notes makes me think its intentional.

The “new and improved animations” feel SO bad. I loved feeling like a feminine, athletic woman but now I straight up feel like a caveman…


I’m not a fan of this either, my lady character looks like an old, stiff, hunchback neanderthal which kinda looks OK whilst heavily corrupted but in normal state it’s just doesn’t look very organic. Plus her knees constantly look like they are bowing when running…


Um, you do realize that you are a caveman in this game, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kidding aside, it’s a valid point. You’re not really supposed to be a delicate feminine, if athletic, piece of eye candy. You’re a brute beating people over the head with clubs and getting into fights with dangerous wild animals.

I can’t say I’m completely 100% behind the new animation, but it does feel a little closer to how a person in this general situation might actually move compared to the old one.


I agree, they fixed another thing that was not broken. The female movement was perfect before, I hate it now. Could this be because the men avatars ran like they had a pole up their behinds? Change it back please.


Thank you, :point_up_2:. The only reason I didn’t make male characters was because they were moving like body building apes, the female characters however were moving with the head up, proud and graceful! I don’t care for the bugs, either the lags, I beg you to bring this back, it had NOTHING WRONG AND ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR CHANGE, NONE!
Apologies for the loud emphasis but it’s really frustrating to change The best feature of your game!


the new animations are a pain to look at!

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nobody asked them to change it why did they?? females move like imps now, i cant play unless its fixed back

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Red Sonya was far from a brute. According to the canon, Conan was a womanizer, and the descriptions of the women in the books indicate that they were not only beautiful but also very feminine.

So I have to agree with the OP on this one.


I was looking forward to returning to try out the new update, but I only play female toons and this is very distressing for me. Are we devolving to become Ark characters? Pretty world there, but I can’t stand how ugly the characters look and move.

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Haha! Perfect description! Yes, I too think that changing the run animation was a big miss. It looked a lot better before, especially with the female characters.

So, on balance, my base city no longer has grass growing through the floor, but my female character now seems to have smelly armpits. shrugs Two steps forward, one step back. Such is life. :grin:

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The female “stalking with weapon” animation now reminds me of the running animation for a Forsaken female in World of Warcraft. Good thing my character still has her jawbone. :laughing:


Well, although Red Sonya was not part of the Hyborian Age, being that she fought against the Ottoman Turks in The Shadow of the Vulture, I assume you meant Red Sonja of Hyrkania who was a Marvel Comics creation and thus not part of the Robert E. Howard estate. :wink:

Now, Valeria on the other hand, from the story Red Nails, who was originally called a “She-Devil” (a term later synonymous with Red Sonja), was described as such:

She was tall, full-bosomed and large-limbed, with compact shoulders. Her whole figure reflected an unusual strength, without detracting from the femininity of her appearance. She was all woman, in spite of her bearing and her garments.

Thus even Valera who was a pirate of some renown and who was quite an accomplished fighter was still very feminine in appearance. So I agree with you and the OP. :smiley:


I mean granted I was an exercise physiologist for 10 years so this is kinda my subject but I’m not sure where some of you people keep getting the notion that a womans “attitude” or temper affects her running gait. Leg length, bone density, q angle, etc, physiological characteristics are the primary factor affecting someones walk/run gait. Not whether she has a butch attitude or not. That’s why women who are forcing the “butch” look always look uncomfortable. Because they’re forcing it as an act. The vast majority of barbarian women would have a feminine walk regardless of their kill count.


I’m with Op on this give me back my Old Female animation pls


Have to agree. The character movement is so important, after all, you have to see it all the time … And now you actually just want to look away :confused:

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Artists don’t need permission to adjust their work, and as the saying goes, there’s always just one more brush stroke. :wink:

I stand by what I said earlier. I don’t think they hit the mark, but it does feel a little bit closer to how a barbarian warrior woman might move relative to the old animation.


While at it, I would also like to get properly muscular female characters so I wouldnt have to rely on mods.

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You’re not really supposed to be a delicate feminine, if athletic, piece of eye candy. You’re a brute beating people over the head with clubs and getting into fights with dangerous wild animals.

Why can’t I be both :sob: