More gender customization

I think they should add the ability to mix the sex characteristics. I want boobs and a penis. That’s it.

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No thanks.


Although inclusive, not exactly lore friendly. I’d have to say no to this, too.


Exiles Extreme mod, have fun.

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There’s mods for that. As for baking it into the base game, nope. Not lore friendly.


Bravo, nice troll. Especially, considering it is your very first post. Well done.



Interesting new look for Barbarians…

Lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Transbarians don’t belong to lore. You can use mods for that, what I would support is that just as you can change the race and appearance of the character or the name of the clan, you can also change the gender and name of the character.

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Actually trans has existed in the lore , look up derekto lore

Derekto…mmmm nope, not getting anything on that one…

This is a big “no” from me.

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I doubt this is about trans inclusion. Also, not how trans works. I’m betting OP wants this for a fetish reason and needs to be broken on the horny wheel


Bingo. Leave this kind of stuff to mods. I’ll wholeheartedly support mods doing whatever the hell you want. But it’s no good for the base game.


Please explain how you can have boobs and a penis in ancient age when HRT was not discovered along with plastic surgery???

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Derketo half dead half live, what about trans?

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Sorry, but there’s zero lore in regards to trans with Derketo or Derketa, queen of the dead. As mentioned before, if you want that option, there’s mods you can use.

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Maybe they need to introduce plastic surgeon thralls? They could have their own crafting tables too? Complete with gas tanks for anaesthesia and sterile surgical tools? And maybe a hot nurse to help out…


Only if it looks like this.

Hmm there an part where conan details that the relious of derketan that which they were openly pansexual and will just about have sex with anything existence and that they will give into the desires of what ones want as part of their religious goddess needs. And on that note derketo is the only goddess that deals with granting boon to its follower as long as it benefitted her. And there have been record of humanity able to have breast and a penis while rare it was certainly possible.