Sorcerers are in the game - give them a chance!

We find named sorcerers in all locations of the map. We love named tralls.
But where can they be used besides sorcerers’ tables? Why didn’t the developers create places in the workbenches where we could place our sorcerers? After all, there are cells in the machine for crafting golems.

Perhaps, at least in the bazaar there will be things that will allow us to place animated sorcerers and this would enliven our homes.

I bought a large witch’s table at the market. It would be possible to make a cell for him so that a sorcerer would stand next to him.

What do you think about this?

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I agree that sorcerers are the only type of crafter thrall that is completely useless currently. They need something to do. Perhaps sorcerers could turn some materials into gold or something…

Also currently sorcerer skulls cannot be placed as decoration. They cannot be sold. They cannot even be grounded to bonemeal. They are utterly pointless. Funcom: fix this. I have a solution: just turn all sorcerer skulls into regular skulls. Keep the drop rate. Regular skulls are at least needed for making leather pouches.

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I would put sorcerors to sacrifical stones, so that they can operate rituals without characters getting corrupted.

That is just a beginning, of course.
It needs much more for them to be actually usefull (especially considering their tier, which stays unused in said mechanic)

I always thought they’d eventually go on the two golem benches… but nope. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That was soooo last age. The dev team moved on, so should you :wink: Just like…

pet revamps
corrupted attributes
more spells

I was just thinking about the pet revamps. When they did the latest pet nerf, my memory was folks saying that they will make changes in the near future that will make them useful again. Still waiting…


As much as I hate it, I’m afraid you’re onto something here. The current quarterly update cycle forces Funcom to follow a very specific roadmap (with some “if we have time for this, it’ll be in Chapter 3” elements in between), and any quality of life or balance changes will have to wait until the developers have done everything they need to a Chapter, or a dev puts in volunteer overtime hours. And with the very tight schedule with Ages and Chapters, there seems to be very limited breathing room for devs to fiddle with non-critical things that have been left underdeveloped.

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I’m imagining craftable “Ritual Sites”, putting a couple sorcerers in there will let them use resources to raise dead or summon demons during purges/raids. Better tiers do it faster or something.

I don’t know a lot about whats possible in lore, but maybe they could also throw siege boulders (levitate it and accurately drop/throw it) at enemies in range. Then theres also potentially targeted bursts of healing clouds on allied thralls/pets etc.

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