Other Potential Uses for Sorcerer Thralls

Sorcerers have been here for a good while now, but they still have very limited utility aside from crafting spell pages, which themselves have very limited utility. Just spitballing ideas here, but I think we can add some uses for these lazybones.

1.) Transport Stones: Sorcerers reduce the amount of corruption you receive for using transport stones and/or shorten the amount of time a character has the tainted debuff. Reduction scales with tier.
2.) Circle of Power: Sorcerers reduce the amount of resources needed to cast spells like summon mount/corpse, etc. Minimum 1 for resources, and reduction again scales with tier.
3.) Shallow Grave: Sorcerers provide small to moderate buffs to crafted zombies. Thrall tier will increase the buff and/or offer buffs to additional stats.
4.) Alchemy Stations (firebowl and bench): Sorcerers offer unique recipes not available as base recipes or with Alchemist thralls.

Sorcerous spell pages: Can be used in place of corruption for casting spells. Each spell page reduces the necessary amount of corruption by a certain percentage.

  1. Dragging their beat up azzes to a caravan wagon and receiving loot.
  2. Ripping their skulls from their bodies and tossing them into the skull donation pot at the caravan for loot.

Have not tried it yet, but last night I pondered to myself…

  1. Sacrificing them upon a sacrifical stone. How I love the irony. Truly it is a dog eat dog craft.:smiling_imp: :drop_of_blood:

1-3 are not thrall stations and converting a placeable into a thrall station is unprecedented, so probably never going to happen.

4, I’m not opposed to the idea of sorcerers being able to be put at different stations for a bonus recipe, but they really need more use at the Thaumaturgy Bench and this suggestion doesn’t accomplish that. Make them more useful at their intended station first, then consider what else they could do.

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