Suggestion: Automate Sorcerer use for Sacrificial Stone blood and soul collection

I know the sorcerers previous to chapter 2 had no real use.
In chapter 2 they remain useless, except for their skull or to capture and trade.

I think the best way to give the sorceres thralls a nice and usefull role is to make them take care the sacrificial ritual aspect, which is very boring to do often.

Something along the lines: you place the flasks on the sacrifical stones because you have 2 of them.
You would go to the sorcerer (or the thaumaturgy bench?) and mark some specific sorcerer command: like collect blood or collect soul or something like those lines. Then, the sorcerer would do all the available rituals for you harvesting the ingredient you flagged. The more sorceres you have the more rituals you can make faster. Better tiers sorceres would make rituals faster. Or perhaps low tier sorceres have a chance to screw the ritual and not colect the blood like the spells? That would be fun. If perhaps abuse is a concern maybe there could be a specific limit for sorceres thralls per clan?

Not only it would be make sorceres a highly sought after thrall but it would solve the need to perform that slow ritual all the time.

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I think herein lies your issue. It’s not a problem that needs solving. Rituals are slow and methodical; power comes with a cost. This is intentional by design.

Sorcery costs more than just materials, it’s an investment of time. The blood can save you time depending on how you use it, so it might as well take time initially to get.


I’m going to agree with Jimbo here.

The only compromise I would be willing to entertain is doing away with the sub combine for putting the blood in a vial. That could be done as part of the ritual (it doesn’t require someone to be at the altar anyway).


Eh, I can see his point. Being locked in the animation doesnt add difficulty or challenge. The corruption is dissipated quickly by dancers. Our taskmasters tend the wheel… I would be fine if sorcerers did the same.

We already did all the time investment for sorcery. You are telling me one have to be locked in an animation countless times and find it fun?

Neither of these things have to do with time though. That’s the cost associate with it.

Blood can save you time getting your body back, summon quick decent weapons, create armor from practically nothing, conjure a follower up from nothing. Teleport across the map in the blink of an eye. It can even save you a large amount of time farming spell pages.

The rituals that use blood are a way of doing something now, as you pre-paid the time it would usually take to do those things ahead of time.

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I still think that the possibility of automating boring and countless activities is an improvement. Maybe you wish to set harvest to 0.3 also and we can all grind stones all day?

You strike me as the type to play 10x rates. If that’s the easy mode you choose to play, that’s fine. But I wouldn’t want that pushed on everyone


But again, that doesn’t add any difficulty or balance to anything. It just adds time which I can see equated to tedium. You would still only process one at a time, the sorcerer would still go thru the animation, it would just mean you could move about while it went on. Hell, make it take a bit longer with a sorcerer than it would take your character if locked in animation, fine. I understand it thematically, but I also do see the point that sorcerer’s as a usecase are fairly limited and a change like this would be similar to what a taskmaster does for you. I can live with it one way or another, but I think the idea has merit when it comes to the way some people play, and it wouldn’t come at the expense of how anyone else plays. You still have to go club people out, drag them back one by one to the stone, and get one blood flask at a time. Nothing gets broken or out of whack with this idea. It’s just less tedium for some people and personally, I’d probably be happier with it myself. I may even look at making a mod that does just this. I think it would be a fairly popular idea.

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You are missing the entire point.
Gathering sorceres is a time investiment.
Whay should one that have 4 sorceres perform the ritual at the same speed as one that have none?
You are saying that grabbing sorceres have no meaning.
You are clearly just in defense mode, having brought no real argument here, sorry.

Thank you for you openmindness, man.
I seldom post here because of people like this Jimbo.

@Jimbo For you to say I play at 10x rates just goes to show the poor judgment of characther that you are. But you are certainly willing to push your opinion on everybody, don’t you? Even when you clearly don’t understand what’s being discussed.

What the heck does a fixed 30s animation has to do with time investiment. You are the kind of people that make the cooldown features in games a thing. Cooldowns are not fun. Learn this. You have no clue what makes a game fun, it seems.

I can see jimbo’s point. He is looking at it from an overall system and the intent behind it. There is a time for tedium in certain circumstances. I tend to agree with you on this point though that it could be done your way without breaking the intent of the system.

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It’s a one time bonk and done. After that you’ve got your time saving items available instantly, saving even further time.

You don’t seem to understand my point and instead are going on the defensive yourself.

Sacrifices are a transferrence of time. If you’d read my previous post you’d know that the usages of the blood save you immense amounts of time once you have them. You instead spend that time now collecting the blood.

Would it be any less tedious to make the run of shame to go get your body on death? Would you save more time by running across the map instead of teleporting?

Sorcery allows you to use time itself as a resource. You can bank it now for convenience later. If they just removed that entirely and make it purely convenience, sorcery would cease being an option and instead become a necessity.

I never brought up stone and I will not entertain the discussion of gathering rates for any other resource.

The topic is on obtaining vials of sacrificial blood. The point is, sorcery is sorcery. Its its own thing. You are required to draw the blood of your victim to perform profane rites. This is required of the user and not some random thrall because you are drawing the power you intend to use for it.

The master draws the power, the underlings get the scraps if anything at all. Not the other way around.

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30 seconds is in fact a measurement of time. I wonder what time has to do with time :thinking:

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Here you go :slight_smile: Some reading material of how this can go

I remember that thread. Had the exact same opinion on that one too

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If I’m a poor judge of character for my hyperbolic assumption, what does that make you? :thinking:

That thread didn’t have my opinion in it, aka it was a waste of time :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe an option to skip the cinematic but take the same anount of time, or as suggested do sacrifice and blood in jar automatic without you having to be there.

The sould collectuon and blood collection have vastly differents time sinks