Shift-key Chat Channels and Aution house bug

There’s an annoying bug : if you open Auction House, and click ‘search box’, then click any channel and try to type anything with shift-key, it moves to Auction House search-box. Only solution is to close AH or change to an other tab. Clicking anywhere in the Auction House window does not help.

This occurs if one clicks any input field, then shift moves from chat to that tab.


Yeah that’s been there since I can remember. I hate that.

It also does it with another window, but I can’t remember which one without checking the game.

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Does it also happen with Social? I’m not near my computer to check right now.

If you mean with Social window, nope. There’s no “input field”

Social’s sign-up input, and inventory search do not do the thing.

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So it seems only AH bugs… and this been fixed in other modules. Would be nice that some coder fixed this annoying thingie as it’s a most likely a short fix.