Shotgun quandary

Pol5, DW1 and 5, and ‘Protect the [Whatever]’ missions in some of the Lairs… Plus that one KM Lair boss if the group doesn’t quite cap high enough on +Hit already. Yeah, there’s not a ton of occasions, but there are a few. As long as the Tank is spamming AoEs they’ll eventually hit everything, but if you have more than 6 targets around it’s gonna take more than one hit to actually grab them, and until that happens anyone doing any Healing is gonna be the first person they target.

As gamers we tend to try to ‘maximize’ the utility of any mechanic we encounter.

Good advice has been given above (more shotgun power slots, Sov-Tech etc etc), but keep in mind that ALL your shell types do damage.

In the heat of battle, spending 2 seconds glancing at your list of shell types available and thinking ‘which one to pick next?’ is probably a worse approach than just clicking your LMB and blasting away with whatever comes up (assuming you have a Shotgun power on LMB - if not, whatever else is fastest to click).

I’ve found that after running out of shells, using the offhand weapon can give you that 2s window without dropping dps.

While what you are saying is in part true, there are very simple rules to follow to avoid that problem such as

  • no pre heals, hots or barriers whatsoever
  • no heals untill tank has aggro on all adds (this is for dps too), just stand still or move to tank
  • run to your tank/hide behind him (when adds come there are no cleaves around afaik)
  • tanks can, if they have one ready, use a barrier CD (thick skin, twist fate) and grab insta aggro to all adds in the playfield, for the same heal aggro mechanic you described, for much more aggro then whatever heal

I just use missdirection. Gives me 8 seconds where 50% of the hate I generate is redirected to my defensive target (ie the tank)

More pulverize