Shotgun passive Combat Reload works differently than its description suggests

Description says "While in combat, if you still have shells loaded in your shotgun, you load an additional shell every 5 seconds.
This passive, however, loads an additional shell even if you don’t currently have any shells loaded, like after shooting them all, or using a shotgun special/elite ability that consumes 6 shells.

Did you check that the reload didn’t come from Opening Shot or any other source?

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Definitely didn’t come from Fire at Will. Test was clear. I used AR basic to keep me in combat with the dummy, both ST shotgun consumers to check spending shells one by one, and Reconstituting Shells/Glutton for Punishment/Shell Salvage/Cleanup/Bombardment/Kneecapper to check spending 6 shells at once. It always goes the same:
I’m in combat, shells are spent, no shotgun ability is used (I just keep using Placed Shot), and within 5 seconds a single shotgun shell is loaded. Only Combat Reload passive is equipped during the test.
Weapons used were KSR and Anima-Infused shotgun. I’ll try testing with generic weapons next time I have them, but I don’t think this will change how passive behaves.
Addition: Tested with basic green weapons (AR of restoration MK I, SG of havoc MK I) and no talismans/gadgets. Still same behaviour.

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Hum, if you play with dot stacking shotgun offhand (Raging Shot), then you’ll still kinda need to reload no matter what if you want to keep up the dot stacking (it’s only 1 reload on every shell salvage anyway, so every 20s at worst), and the passive slot tax for Combat Reload actually hurts a lot since you’re removing a passive out of the main weapon. This passive was mainly good to keep up with dot stacking before high crit chance and Vali Metabolic where a thing - with higher gear, this passive is detrimental for the DPS.