Should we ever wait for transfers?

Since the testlive is out seems that majority of community was not really interested of transfers but of new content, but I do believe that there are still someone like me that have still same question, will we ever seen server transfers again? Nothing was said on last dev stream, even though I understand it was focused on 3.0
I would like to see anything really from Funcom as responce, like cmon, we were waiting for them since they were announced for a long time, and now its been 2 month since we lost that feature.

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There was a post somewhere around here that said they are being reworked with no current timetable for return. So yes they are coming back but probably after 3.0 is released.

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The 3.0 patch notes say:

  • Improved the backend for Character Transfers.

I’m not positive, but I took this statement to include “server transfers” as well. Clearly though, they haven’t forgotten, they’re working on them and will turn them back on at some point, hopefully soon.


I would imagine that server transfers would wait a small time in case there is a need for any patches post 3.0 before enabling it. Just in case.

Well, that’s already is something, I might be missed this up. The strangest thing that we should by ourself lurking and seeking for any possible news about the transfers while they are not the smallest or less important feature, or it’s just me who “overprice” it’s so badly…

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