Shut Off Tourches And Lamps During The Day!

Ok so night is DARK and day in not SO!
could you add a toggle to touches please?
so they auto shutoff at night?
cause during the day its WAY to bright!

Thank You!


Or have it auto turn on and off based on server time. Crafting stations turn off automatically when they are done crafting.

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You can turn off your own torches, and everyone else’s, manually if you so desire them to be off during the day.

but they all turn back on after a reset

If we go that far let day be day as in 12hrs and 12hrs of night.Let it efollow the time zone your in

I agree, it would be nice if torches and braziers had auto timers to turn off during the day and on at night.
Or a thrall that would go around turning them on or off, could work, too.

Would also like it to be possible to cook over braziers lol

I like that they stay burning during the day. Makes it easier to find my home in a sandstorm.

Well maybe the could make so if it gets to a certain light level (Sandstorm or even a basic storm) they light up. :wink:

Better still just have a clock on them so the player can set the time that torches/fires go on and off. Sunset to sunrise sort of thing.

This was actually one of the original planned features of thralls if I remember correctly, that they would wander around and ignite nearby torches when it gets dark. At least the devs mentioned it during a stream, anyway.

Certainly would look cool to see them making the rounds at twilight and the torches coming on one by one. Here’s hoping.