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Has anyone been able to capture disease black tongue in recent history? I have been culling the volcano for weeks and I can’t seem to find her.

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I did find her prior to the most recent patch. Though I know for a fact she is still in the spawn pool after the recent update. I spent a month going through the volcano to find her. It was the happiest day of my CE life when I finally did come across her. She was just outside the devotee area standing next to the carpenter.

You should probably move your post to players helping players as this isn’t a bug.

Sorry for posting in the wrong place. Thank you for your help.

yes she spawns, but rate is low, but no problem, you are not supposed to find a rare armorer quickly :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the grind just making sure it wasn’t glitched or something. Thanks

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I also don’t mind having to work for something. But i camped the volcano 5 weeks several hours a day clearing wave after wave. Found and army of nameds Fighters and Archers. Found secas the smith several times and for what? a flawless falcata? Really? Wouldn’t it make much more sense if he is the only one crafting flawless obsidian weapons? But a flawless falcata? By the time you reached the volcano you will have much better weapons than a flawless falcata wich makes him completely useless.

I actually not going to farm for siesse anymore. All things considered its easier to farm Sobek boss for Sobek armor wich is better than just another medium armor that protects against cold. I have 3 sets of sobek allready

What i am saying is. The grind needs to be reasonable. I don’t mind to work for something but 5 Weeks serveral hours a day isn’t reasonable in my eyes

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i think there is only 1 spawn point for siesse, with a probabilty of 1% to 0,5 %. so it takes time and depend if lucky or not with probability.

but for those who can, would be interesting to look at the exact spawn probability rate of siesse in the weight table ?

i remenber to have spent 3 months to farm grr legbitter one year ago when there was only one spawn point shared with all T4 exiles at this time :wink: but he finally appeared.

oh in fact there is 6 spawn point for siesse ! saw that in a link that multigun posted


Hello @Shanebert77, we’ve moved the topic as it has been stated that there’s no issue with this particular NPC!

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