Sign text color

I’ve seen wooden signs with dark text, but mine are always difficult to read light text.

How does one get the darker shade on the signs?

Every time I’ve made a sign it started out glow-in-the-dark and then darkened over time, so you probably just need to wait a while.

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Funcom needs to look at colors on consoles for things like signs, descriptions, event log, building pieces wording that tells which is front and back side, etc. Red is very much bad and sometimes the font of things like thralls names changes size in your inventory. Sometimes its big and some times its tiny.

Mine are difficult to read too. Text is almost Same color as sign

In early access we could change font and color of letters, by pasting the font or color to the clipboard in windows, then pasting via right click to the sign. now notta.

It would be nice if they brought that, or something similar to it back.

However, I’ve now made signs all over the place and think I have figured out how they work. It seems they always have glow-in-the-dark letters that change from light brown to black depending on how much light they are exposed to. To force a sign to have black letters, place a light source right next to it.

I put two goo standing lamps next to every sign, doe not seem to alter them.
Maybe Ill try witchfire next time.

I never attempted unconventional light sources, just normal flames from candles and wall torches.

This is something that had been annoying many since a long time. Thing is, since it’s not a big issue, probably hasn’t been brought up before. I too wish the texts in the wooden signs would be more easy to read, and if possible, a few more types of signs. Afterall, the world of conan had many different races and building styles, I assume also in signs there would be plenty of difference between a stygian, an aquilonian or a cimmerian sign.

I did see somewhere that typing /me and then what you were going to put on it changed the color to something else. However that may be a Pc thing or that pippi mod thats going around. There may also be something in settings. Either way i do hope that something there helps you out man.

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