Wall sign/Sign posts

Hi all.

Im fairly new to the game and like it a lot.
Just want to bring a few things up that i found out could perhapse be a little bit better :slight_smile:

  1. The text on both wall signs and sign posts are pretty poor due to color of the text and usually a combo of sun shine/shadow and darkness. Either make the color brighter or/and have a few color to choose between. I have for example a wall sign above all large crates. I must be really close to see what iv wrote on them and i usually make it short to have the largest letters.

  2. Sometimes i cant put crates against a wall and therefore i cant put any type of sign behind/above the crate. Would love to have a wall sign with some sort of wooden stick attached like the standing torch.

  3. This is really a no issue but… I love to build houses, bases etc. And i also love to decorate inside.
    But being a asperger square pants with a hint of ocd :wink: it’s near impossible to place stuff in a square line and see were stuff and items is gonna end up. Usually i have to redo some things a lot before im satisfied.

Note: Sorry if my spelling is wrong here and there. English isnt my primary language :slight_smile:

Yours, Mr_Prius

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Welcome to the Forum. Signs are difficult to read. There are standing signs with 2 legs. With the other problems in the game don’t expect signs to be a priority. @Mr_Prius

It’s true. Signs are hard to read. And don’t really have much space to them.

But on the bright side, you can re-name your containers.

As for getting stuff nice and straight on the floor, I always use the floor patterns to line stuff up.

I don’t expect it to be a thing unless there is a big TLC update, but adding dye to signs to recolor the text would be nice.

Kinda like we do with the Radium Lamps.

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