Wall signs need to be Signs

They need to be placeable on more then just walls. What about pillars? What if i wanna make road signs without needing those huge standing ones. What if i wanna mark boxes without having to have them on walls or those large standing signs. They need to be attachable to more then just walls.


I would also like to see hanging signs that protrude from the building. Also let’s get some graphical generic signs for stuff everyone has. Smith, food, woodworking, tavern, alchemy, leatherwork. Do they realize 90% of barbarians can’t even read?


That is incredibly rude. Just because someone is not from your country does not mean they are unable to read. See what I did there? Barbarian is a term normally coined to indicate a person not indigenous to the country the person saying it is…

You do also realize some of the races in this game came from cities and got dumped into the wastes? So maybe a good number of them can read?

Totally agree - not being able to put a sign on a large crate is pretty silly.

Perhaps the crates, chests, and other items should all have a label option.

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And the ability to paint them too.