T2 and T3 Signs and Display Racks - Please

I saw a similar post from July, 2019 and would like to bring this up again.

For folks who like to build, it would be excellent to have signs that matched the building style of the various DLC.

If that is unworkable, it would be great to have a DLC that was entirely placables like specialty signs and racks. Seriously, let me give you money so my building can look better.


I like this idea. It’s a good one.


I would simply love more different signs, especially some metal ones that hang on a pole on a wall, I am so tired of those signs that sits on a wall like a painting, more different types please :grin:
I never really thought about different racks, maybe because I never really used the wall racks for anything but showcasing rare or good looking weapons as wall deco, but I could totally see a rack floor stand with room for 5 or so weapons/tools :+1:


My money is there.


At this point decorations and quality of life improvement is what it is all about. Otherwise I am winding down. Had to fix a typo fat fingers


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