Request: new wall signs and racks for weapons

There is a huge request :slightly_smiling_face::

You have recently added to the game a whole complex of beautiful wall signs and signposts.
Please make a new Wall Sign (no pointer), a Wooden Signpost (large sign) and a weapon stands in the same style. The old ones looked appropriate for some wooden shack, but on the Turanian or Aquilon wall - it’s disgusting :).


yeah… they could totally do a shaped wood, and a black ice sign variants aswell… perhaps even a hammered iron/steel sign? also multiple styles (like hanging, wall, ect) could be added to change how people can place signs… also a small sign would be nice for storage labeling


Won’t say they are disgusting :rofl: but I would most certainly not mind more variety. It does look a bit silly if you have a great black ice keep with the dull wooden weapon displays. Especially with the absolutely beautiful weapons we have in game, the displays don’t do them justice!


I would like a larger wall sign similar to the one we can plant in the ground.


I’d also like floor plaques, or ones that can be placed at a 45° angle to the ground. These would be idea for labeling the nodes on a Map Room among other things.


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