Please add multiple sign sizes, types, and placement options

G’morning all.

I’d like to request signs that could be placed on crates, chests, walls (exists), doors, floors, etc
basically, any vertical or horizontal surface.

also, the sign should have numerous size options. including small enough to be able to be placed on a wooden chest.

additionally, the font used could have 3-4 size options, including one small enough to allow 40 characters on a small chest crate

thanks and keep up the great work!


I like the idea of different sized signs and would like to add different styles / grades as part of the tiered construction system to allow nicer looking signs in our T3 bases.

Font options and hanging signs on placeables is lower priority, for me.

the font options are really about font size more then anything

overall, having signs on the boxes would really help w/ organization

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