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[So I started playing a single player game, exploring everything and building things, now after about 30 hours of playtime, I got a crash. When I log back on, about 5-10 seconds of moving around the game freezes, no matter what I try to do, either take off bracelet or teleport somewhere else, exactly 5-10 seconds after I enter my single player world the game freezes.

So browsing all the support and listening to other peoples issues I came to the conclusion I should just restart my game, incredibly annoying considering I’ve explore so much and build so much but I sucked it up and replayed.

Now around 30 hours of game time later I again, get a crash followed by freezes 5-10 seconds each time I get back in, I’m not going to restart again, what’s the point?

I am running about 12 mods, some with new building blocks and such, but I don’t think they are the issue, to only start crashing and freezing after a 30 hour period I’m pretty sure it has to be something else.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start Single player game.
  2. Play for 30+ hour period (not in one sitting).
  3. Get a crash to Desktop.
  4. Game freezes 5-10 seconds after you log back into your single player game.

You will have more luck with answers if you post your PC specs. It’s always the first step for troubleshooting issues.
Usually the first 10 seconds after joining is the most intensive part of the game as it’s loading everything back in. But I’ve never had any problems with freezing/crashing.

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