Single player infinite loading screen after chapter 3

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Single player

Bug Description:

Since the Chapter 3 update, When loading in single player, the screen freezes and won’t unfreeze at all. Other servers are fine

Bug Reproduction:

Select single player, select exiled lands, loading screen freezes.

Best believe I won’t be buying a battle pass or any more coins until I get my server back

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Hello @Alzero,

We’re sorry you are experiencing this issue.

If possible, could you try to back up your single-player save to a pen drive and clear up your save and profile, then start a new game to see if the issues persist?

Could you also let us know if you are using an HDD or SSD (external storage) to run the game?

Thank you in advance :smile:

I know this behavior only from siptah so I am not sure it’s related. After updates I need to download again the siptah dlc sometimes. After this it works. But I am not having this on exiles land and other dlc stuff.

And you are saying other servers are OK so this is maybe not helpful.

But just an idea… Did you try to start your single player in coop mode? Maybe a fresh character can login while you are in loading screen and kill you. Maybe omething at the place you are causes this?

So I started on single player only (not co op) and been playing for a good few months. And yes my official servers are fine and siptah single player server is fine.

But I might try your suggestion where I’ll load in with another console and try kill my character. Or I’m hoping if I delete and reinstall the game it might fix


I am using the ps5 HDD. I’ll try backup the save and restart. I did also try the character copy from another server and that didn’t work either.

Thanks for the suggestions😊

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Hi, so I tried starting a new game and that’s fine but why I want to do is load the save game that I already have without losing everything.

I made a back up save of the data on a usb and deleted all console data, then when I try to re upload the data it still gets stuck, could this mean the file is just corrupted?

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