Single player offline difficulty issue

Hello fellow exiles. Hopefully if somebody can help me with this. So I was playing PS4 online and decided to start over off-line when I did this I figured I would do the easiest mode But when I went in game and died, all my items and belongings were taken from me. If I’m correct, aren’t you supposed to keep your stuff?

Just have a look in your settings. My wife and me were playing in Coop and after the last patch all our settings were changed.

What do you mean have a look in your settings? You can only choose the difficulty when you start a new game. I’m asking if I choose easy when the game starts why do I keep losing my loot? Basically it seems to be kicking me out of easy mode when the game starts

Press options on your Controller, go to settings and then make yourself an Admin so you can change everything including losing your inventory. Cant explain better as i am working atm :confused:

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Hey there @Behelit_907. Its a pain in the Loincloth losing all of your gear on death and then having to go and re-gather it all. Firefly had got us started on this one, now ill walk you through the remaining steps:

  1. pause the the game using the ‘Options’ button
  2. from here scroll down to the ‘Settings’ option, its the second from the bottom and press X
  3. from here, use you L2 or R2 buttons to scroll over to the ‘Server Settings’ menu on the far right, then press X to enter
  4. next press X on the ‘General’ option, and the cursor will come to rest over a button titled ‘Make Me Admin’, press X and activate it. It will then come up with ‘Admin Rights Granted’
  5. now scroll further down the list on your left, beneath the General option and select the ‘Survival’ option
  6. finally, when inside the Survival option, scroll down to both ‘drop equipment on death’ and also ‘everybody can loot corpse’ and ensure that both of their boxes are un-checked. Done!
  7. on a side note, browse some of the options in the server settings while you are here. Theres some pretty cool options in here such as difficulty adjustment, exp multipliers, decay on/off and the Purge options.

If you get stuck or have any other questions, just let me know hey. Enjoy.


Hey thanks really appreciate it I just have a question about why does it take me out of easy mode even though I chose it before the game started could you answer me that?

Yeah no problem. That one Im honestly not too sure about. And to be honest I hadnt even noticed it before. You can always go back into General and re-select easy (its the ‘Civilized’ difficulty option). Mine stays put.

I know for me, I get all kinds of settings change when a new update comes out on my client. Its just something that happens, like the nudity settings keep changing. Easy to fix tho, so not a big issue.

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