Sins and Sapphires 18+ PVE/PVP

Server Name: Sins and Sapphires 18+
Server type: RP/PVE (optional PVP area)
Server count: 25 (brand new server)

We’re looking for active players to join our public RP server, with quite a few mods and a server storyline we hope to inspire players to have fun and express themselves, as well as write a story of their own along the way. We have 16+ races as well as a full RP system. Cast spells, fight bosses and create friendships (or mayhem) Come join us!

Modded map (The Forgotten Lands)
Allowed 2 characters at a time
16+ races
11 classes
Open Character Customization (Your race does not necessarily affect the way your character has to look)
Feel free to write your own story along with the server RP, we’re always excited to help someone get into the RP
PVE with optional PVP
Casual server with plenty of RP material
Full RP dice system
Boosted Settings
And More!

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