Siptah private PvP official settings



if you too are sick on undermesh, speedhack, full stat team who empty one by one official PvP server.

Join [EU/FR] Valhalla Vanilla

Same settings than official, same rules BUT an admin to remove any exploiter.

No mods

20 slot for the moment will be upgraded later high performance server.

Any question ask me

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Upgraded to 30 slot!!! Join us

Small update.

Starting to have an healthy community with decent numbers.

You are looking for a smooth siptha experience with official settings join us!!!


20 connected in EU prime will be upgraded to 40.

new map very bad

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Upgraded to 40!!!

Join us for smooth siptha experience :slight_smile:

Best server ever ! bye cheater enjoy clean game and pvp



And new year event harvest X3 start the first for 3 days, good time to join us.