Siptah purge always the same

Hello, I have only been playing on siptah for a few months now but have noticed that every single purge is exactly the same. Is there no variety in siptah purges or is something just broken. It also doesnt matter what your clan has built or what lvl you are its always set the max lvl purge and everytime is accursed thralls that come. Dont get me wrong it great for thralls but its getting boring killing the same things every single time. The server is official 6438

At 3 or 4 difficulty levels, creatures from the nearest vault should come. The wolvmen came to my place.

so its just a bug with the server then I guess, its set to lvl 6 difficulty all the time

The accursed patrol is coming to you? At my maximum 6 level, he does not come, I think, at 6 level he does not at all. On 5 and 4 - comes.

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