Siptah surge npc loot problem

platform pc steam, official pvp server siptah map

sumon a surge t4, 1000 essence, south darfari faction (i have not tested others but probably same problem)

start to kill npc, one skull npc can drop in their loot legendary weapon.

those legendary weapons appear to be regular and share all characteristics of legendary wepons except that all weapons have a 0 damage or 1 stat. in exemple if you want to have a collector with a black dragoon pike with 0 damage stat, (but that the case for all legendary weapons drop during surge) loose your time to do a surge.

if this is intended, please remove from loot table legendary weapons and put something else in loot table

if this is not intended please fix to have legendary weapons with normal stats.


because what can i do with that ??? i can not even dismantle it…


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