"Skilled Cook"!

When performing the “Skilled Cook” journey, it is not possible to attach the cook to an improved stove. I add any cook, tried different classes, does not count his presence in the workplace.

Crafters need to go in the open space at the top, but they haven’t been doing that with the last update. Make sure you’re manually placing the cook into the space. Also, make sure it’s a cook and not an alchemist.

It’s definitely a cook. First, I transfer it to an empty cell on the plate, and then to the “Slave” field.

And you used a named cook? Usually that should fulfill this. I think a T3 might as well.

That’s right, cook.

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No, I mean did you use a named cook? That’s a special tier 4 cook. The easiest to acquire is the Lone Fisherman in sepermeru.

With some steps you must take from your inventory directly to upper left don’t put in bench first. @Bly

Completed. It is necessary not to drag from the inventory, but to click on the “slave” cell

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Thanks for the help


Did you start cooking something on your improved stove after you put the cook in ? Usually it’s enough for the thrall to become enslaved at the bench. and many journey’ steps need to use / craft to be validated.

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