Skinning Knifes don't display on 3 Weapons racs on server restart

Game mode: Singleplayer version 103818 / 18696
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

Upon server restart all skinning knifes do not show up on the three-weapons display racks. You have to remove all skinning knifes from the rack and place one different weapon in the rack, then replace the skinning knifes in the rack. The skinning knifes will display properly then, if you don’t follow the above steps the skinning knives will display on the wall to the RIGHT of the weapons rack.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft a 3-weapon display rack and place on wall.
  2. Put three skinning knives in rack - displays fine.
  3. Restart game / die / whatever - when you are back in game the display rack shows up as empty but when you interact with it the three skinning knives are there. Remove all knives and replace them in / on rack, will display on wall off of rack to the very right of rack on wall.
  4. Just started happening out of the blue or I just noticed it a few days ago. All other weapons seem to display fine, EXCEPT javelins, they are not centered on either of the two racks, single or three-weapon racks. Not sure if this is intentional or not, they display way too low on either rack, looks weird.