Small size characters get stuck on Khitan Chair

Game mode: Online private, but I guess All
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Any
Region: Any

When you sit on a Khitan chair and your character is smaller than average, then it is difficult or impossible to get out of it. There is the same issue with Pippi Jacks.

  1. Have a small size character
  2. Build or summon a khitan chair
  3. Sit on the chair
  4. Try to get out of the chair: you are stuck!

I’ve experienced the same thing with Khitan chairs. I’ve also had it happen with an Aquilonian chair as well (the one that req gold dust to craft)

Hey @Taerilys

We’ll send note to our team about this to see if they can reproduce it on their end.
Thanks for the feedback.

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