Solo LF Mates to play with and have a general fun time

I recently bought the game and it feels kinda dull alone, i want to play with someone to improve my experience of the game, and itd be nice to have some guidance seeing as im a noob, my steam tag is Teklar223, cheers m8’s :smiley:

hay, my friends and i just started playing. i turned a spare computer into a server. you are more than welcome to join us. feel free to PM me for server info and discord.

i wasnt specific enough i guess, that sounds nice but i was thinking about official/modded servers with lots of pvp, thanks anyway m8 :slight_smile:

Hey there,

If you are looking for a great PvP experience, come check out The Conan Legacy! We are a RP/PvP server that is dedicated to providing a fun community where roleplayers and PVPers play together. Our community was founded on the guiding principle of respect for our player’s time. As a result we have established raid times to ensure that the meta for raiding is online raiding not offline griefing.

If you would like to learn more, add me on Discord: Hitenkiri#6015 or on Steam {LEO} Hitenkiri.

Check out The Conan Legacy here:
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