Solo, looking for new clanmates (RP, limited PVP)

Long story short, my 2 other clanmates went their separate ways and left me alone with a pretty neat castle base that is WAY too big for one person. It’s fully functional but still in need of improvements, fortification, decoration, and more so there is lots of room to customize.

The server is a private one with fairly standard settings, focused on lore-friendly roleplaying in the Conan world, PVP is allowed but with significant restrictions (based on admin rules that are vigorously enforced). There are weekend events and overall it is a fun social place with quite a few intriguing characters.

I love this server and this base/clan/backstory, but really need some help! If you are interested in RP and working together to build something great, shoot me a message and I’ll provide more details, answer any questions you may have, etc.