Some arrows dont "load" when on actionbar

Basic Info:

Platform: PC
Storefront: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: None
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Some arrows loaded into Bow from Actionbar do not fire/work

Bug Reproduction:

Put razor arrows on actionbar, hit keybind to load into equipped bow. Bow action shows, no arrows shoot, count is not subtracted. Arrows DO work when loaded manually via the Inventory.


Greetings MaliciousPastry!
Welcome to our forums and thank your for reporting the situation regarding the inability to load certain arrows.

In order for our team to properly assess the situation, could you please provide us with the following information:

1 - Which arrows are not working properly aside from the Razor Arrows?
2 - Which bow(s) were you using where this issue was occurring?
3 - Have you experienced game latency/lag while the issue was occuring?
4 - If possible, could you share a video with us with this issue?

Any additional information aside from the requested ones is always appreciated as well.

Thank you for reaching out to us MaliciousPastry!

Coming onto this to say that Healing and Explosive Arrows don’t work when using my Eye of Khan Bow.

Did some testing and found a few things.

  1. Loaded completely new server, empty.
  2. Spawned in different bows, hunting, star metal and Derketo voice.
  3. spawned in lots of different arrows.

Everything worked perfect on bar, loading and all for me.

I went back to my normal server (which in the past has had mods, but were all disabled for testing making the ticket).

Equipped Derketo Voice bow, arrows on bar, loaded into bow and same issue. I put one arrow of the same type (im testing only with razor arrows atm) in the inventory and it shoots that arrow. It does not “use” the arrows from the bar.

Went back to test server, no mods ever used and I cannot replicate the issue. I have a feeling a previous mod messed something up. I can get around it by having arrows in the inventory with a single arrow on the bar to quick load.

Not sure exactly which mod did it, the only one I had loaded for a while was “Archery Evolved”. I am also not sure of the steps (if there are any) to reverse what the mod might have done.

I’m going to open the DB and see if there are some tables. I have experience with SQL and can poke around but not sure if this is something Funcom would be able to address, but maybe a pointer on a “fix” to clean the DB if this is even possible.

In my case, I can restart fresh and admin my friend and I back to same status as in 3.0 I don’t see the need myself for the archery mods.


I loaded the DB into SQLite Browser, I went into item_inventory, searched for the razor arrow id of: 53613. I then removed those rows with my character ID. Saved and started up the server, my razor arrows were all gone. I then admin generated a stack (i have a mod on this server now that does stack to 1000 so not Funcom normal stacks of 100) loaded stack of 1000 into bow, and was able to shoot per normal.

I will remove all arrow IDs from myself later and see what happens with the other arrow types.

Hope this helps somebody.

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